Company Overview

Taishan Resources LLC provides high-quality metallurgical coal to the global iron and steel industry. It has rich opencast coal mine resources and well-equipped coal preparation plants. The opencast mine project is located in Gary, McDowell County, West Virginia, and is partially located within Adkin’s range. The project covers a total of 906.72 acres and contains more than 30 million tons of raw coal resources. The main clients of the company are the global steel and coke producers. Taishan Resources LLC builds and operates well-equipped coal preparation plants, including conveyor belts and transport systems. The coals are loaded at Norfolk port and railway lines.

Established on January 19, 2018, Taishan Resources LLC is funded by Shandong Weijiao Group International Trade Co., Ltd. At present, the company’s plant has an annual operating capacity of 1 million tons, which provides considerable prospects for development of the mining business.

The company’s success is due to its advanced technology and experienced management team. Taishan Resources LLC, a rising star in the energy industry, is committed to the recovery and integration of coal resources while adhering to the concept of sustainable development.